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Developing people resulting to changed lives...

LIFE CHANGING COMMUNITY OUTREACH, INC (LCCO) is an independent 501(c)(3), not for profit organization. We are Faith-Based and motivated that by works we show faith in Jesus Christ who vindicates the afflicted, helps the poor, and crushes the oppressor (James 2:18 - Psalms 72:4). We are closely associated with, and share offices with New Life Christian Center (NLCC), nlccreno.org. We facilitate a volunteer staff that is committed to Life Changing Mentorship toward change that endures by giving a hand-up rather than a hand out. We teach and assist our inner-city community how to recognize and solve their life-limiting problems. The afflicted, poor and oppressed come from racially and religiously diverse communities that all deserve to experience God’s Practical Love, Justice and Mercy through our actions. We are committed to improving lives by providing Culturally Relevant Outreach and Education for the communities in the Reno downtown and Truckee River corridors, focusing on our East 6th Street contiguous neighborhoods and expanding our reach as we prevail against the oppressors.

Our inner-city community is challenged by poverty, low-income, unemployment, underemployment, motel housing, inadequate housing, homelessness, strip clubs, sex trafficking, prostitution, drug addiction, gambling addiction and alcoholism. The children of our community face a daily assault by this environment that requires consistent Life Changing Outreach to improve their educational opportunities, and their access to safe play, healthy foods, coping skills and hope for the future.

In 2012, an Afterschool Club was established at our joint facility shared with New Life Christian Center at 610 Spokane St., Reno, NV. This club provides a safe environment for children, Kindergarten through sixth grade, 2 days a week. The goal for the future is to expand this program to 4 days a week. The chance to meet and get to know the family members of these children creates an opportunity to identify family specific issues that are disheartening and may be lovingly addressed. We will be offering job seeking assistance, ESL and GED classes, life skills mentorship, as well as counseling.

In 2016, in association with New Life Christian Center, $250,000 was raised, enough money to purchase the vacant lot on the corner of East 6th Street and Morrill Ave as a proposed playground and an adjoining house for a future resource center to serve our neighborhood. This property is large enough that it will provide space for a much needed safe Community Playground. In addition our Resource Center, when completed, will be a place to provide tutoring, resume’ preparation and interview coaching and life skills assistance for our inner-city families. Fundraising for these needs is ongoing.

Future Community Playground

Downtown Community Playground

Downtown Resource Center